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Kneipp Herbal Bath Salts

Natural, mineral stone salts from selected salt beds, specially milled and blended with the purest herbal extracts. These mineral salts, activated by the hot bath water, are like a natural "shot of adrenaline" for your skin - "awakening" the skin as it builds resistance to today's aggressions. Gently exfoliating, toning, increasing elasticity. All the while, the natural herbal extracts with their skin-softening essential oils surround you, each with its own aromatic and physiological benefits for body and mind.

Kneipp Herbal Baths

Enjoy an emollient soak that restores skin to soft, smooth finish, moist and refreshened, feeling young and radiant. Herbal Extracts are absorbed by the skin as the silky warm water relaxes, untenses body and mind, while the aroma of the chosen herb bath practices its own kind of therapy. The 'Kneipp-Kur' to undo the drying, debilitating damages of the day.

                                   Kneipp Body Wash

   Especially formulated to bring the benefits of herbal bathing to shower-lovers. Gently and effectively cleanses and deodorizes, yet leaves skin feeling silky smooth. The longer the herbal gel is left on skin before rinsing, the more intense the herbal skin treatment and aromatic benefits.